The following organic items should be put in your curbside green waste/organic container:

yard waste such as landscaping cuttings, grass clippings, pruning, small branches (less than 2 “ in diameter), small clean untreated lumber and wood piece, food and kitchen scraps, uncoated food soiled paper such as food soiled napkins, food soiled paper towel, food soiled brown paper bags and uncoated/nonglossy food soiled newspaper.

*Please do NOT include paper napkins or paper towels with cleaning chemicals or bathroom waste.

*Please do NOT include marketed compostable products such as bags, liners, utensils or plates. 

No poison oak, cactus, palm fronds, bamboo, animal waste, dirt or rocks, tree stumps, nursery pots, glass, cans or other refuse.

You can also bring clean untreated lumber to any of the facilities list here. Fees apply at all of these locations.

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